I'm Rabia, the founder and creator of English With Rabia. My aim in teaching is to offer students engaging, thought-provoking and enriching classes.
My language proficiency stems from childhood, where I acquired three languages and their respective scripts. I pursued Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS University of London.
My expertise in languages spans from the earliest documented instances in Ancient Mesopotamia to modern English, a near-universal language today.
Fascinated by languages, arts, philosophy, psychology, innovation, history, and law, I possess a comprehensive understanding of academic, business, everyday, and conversational English.
My teaching approach and courses reflect my strengths in critical thinking, creativity, and ethical considerations."
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My Story

I am of Bangladeshi origin, born in London. I learnt English, Bangla and Arabic as a child and I grew up in a multicultural, thriving environment. My late father was a businessman and founded a Bangla school in Fulham which connected children to our elders. He was a strong believer in education and community as well as working hard.

My mother is homely and creative and this has inspired me to become an artist. In my mid teens I started learning French, later continuing with Arabic at university and then learnt Italian while living in Turin. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to and I endeavour to share that energy with my students and in my courses! 


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